“The Lucille” Hand stamped Earrings

“The Lucille” Hand stamped Earrings

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In honor of Lucille Agatha Mulhall; Americas First Cowgirl

“Little Miss Mulhall, who weighs only 90 pounds, can break a bronco, lasso and brand a steer,” reported a New York newspaper. Roosevelt later invited her to lead his inauguration parade in Washington.

Roosevelt encouraged Zack to “put her on stage.” By the next year, Lucille was performing all over the country. Will Rogers coined the phrase ‘Cowgirl’ to describe Lucy after she won a 1904 cattle-roping competition, where she lassoed and tied three steers in three minutes 36 seconds – for a world record.

According to Dale Evans, “Cowgirl is an attitude, a special brand of courage. The cowgirl faces life head on, and makes no excuses. Cowgirls defend the things they hold dear.” Lucille was called Queen of the Western Prairie, Queen of the Saddle, and America’s Greatest Horse Woman.

This design features hand stamped aluminum coins with brass longhorn cattle silhouettes and lucite charms. Hand stamped brass and aluminum earrings on a brass earring hook with a silicone back.